Thursday, 30 October 2014

50th Jubilee Writing

Oaklands School had their 50th Jubilee on Labour weekend this year. I am in Year 7. In 50 years time when they have their 100th Jubilee I will be 61. In 50 years I think these changes would have happened at Oaklands School...There would be hardly any grass left because the classrooms would be growing bigger. The classroom learning environment would be really different because there would be lot's of new technology around. For the uniform they would have two types,one would be especially for summer and one for winter. I wonder what the school events would be like disco's with dancing robots,formals for older people and athletics with the stars. There would be lot's of students in each class so they would have four teachers in each class. The morning tea and lunch breaks would be longer time to play and way bigger playgrounds. There would be more P.T.A members so we could fit in more activities and technology in the school. And we would get to our sports quicker If there were changing rooms. And that is what I think Oaklands School is going to be like on the 100th Jubilee.

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